What windbreaker will suit my needs?

Our UltraLite Running Series collection offers the runner multiple choices of windbreakers, puffer vests and technical headwear – all composed of high quality, ultra-lightweight fabric.
We recommend the UltiMate UL Windbreaker for warmer, drier conditions and the AC400 UL Windbreaker/Vest for warmer or frosty conditions. Both windbreakers hold up well to wind and light rain, and can be packed down to fit in your pocket.
The NiteRunnr Holo Windbreaker is recommended for heavy rain and hail, and night running.

Are the windbreakers waterproof?

The women’s NiteRunnr Holographic Windbreaker is currently our only water repellent windbreaker available. It has a double layer reinforced holographic shell and is ideal for night running and colder, wetter conditions. As we only made a small test run in this design, there is a limited number available in women’s fit. We are currently working on the NiteRunnr 2.0 and Ghost Runnr windbreaker which will be available for both men and women in 2022. The UltraLite Run Puffer Vest can also hold up to heavy rainfall. It consists of a recycled polyester fill that can manage moisture well.
The UltraLite Running Series windbreakers are spray resistant, but will not likely hold up to heavy rainfall and hail due to the lightweight and breathable design.

Do the windbreakers breathe well?

The UltraLite Running Series windbreakers breathe exceptionally well. They are designed to keep you comfortable in the warmer climates and shield you from wind and light rain. The shell has a nice texture against your skin and will prevent you from overheating.
Refer to the AC400 UL and UltiMate UL windbreakers.

Do you have any Hi-Vis active wear?

We use reflective detail in most of our product range. It tends to be used in the logo and in various prints on the garment – allowing for visibility at night from all angles. The women’s NiteRunnr Holo Windbreaker is a fully holographic design. Once light captures the surface, the windbreaker will light up with a rainbow effect. The garment will become more illuminated the darker the night is. We plan to release the NiteRunnr 2.0 in mid-2022 which will be suited to both men and women. We’re also working on another water repellent design which will feature reflective panels.

Are the garments true to size?

The garments are true to size. We suggest sticking to your most common size in jacket or vest. However, when it comes to the UltraLite Running Series and you are sitting in between sizes, we recommend opting for the larger size. The AC400 UL and UltiMate UL windbreakers are based on an athletic build. Refer to the size chart for measurements and recommendations.
If for any reason you are unhappy with the size, fit and/or quality of the garment, we will happily refund you on the item (excluding postage cost) or exchange the item free of charge (one time only).

Are the windbreakers and puffer vests good quality?

Without sounding biased – yes, exceptionally good quality. Quality and durability were our major focal points when sourcing out suppliers. We went to extra lengths when it came to sampling designs and allowed a handful of professional athletes to test run and critique the products after each stage of the production process. We also looked into every factory and fabric mill prior to working with them to make sure they were meeting manufacturing quality control standards. Each factory also has a Quality Assurance Team who are in charge of inspecting production and making sure any defect or potential issue doesn’t go undetected before it arrives to us.

Does the NiteRunnr Holographic Windbreaker come in a men’s fit?

Unfortunately we only released a small test-run of the NiteRunnr Holographic Windbreakers to women. It turned out they were a great success and will be pursuing with the NiteRunnr 2.0 in 2022. This new design will be similar to its predecessor and will be suited to both men and women.

Best winter suggestion?

  • AC400 UL Windbreaker/Vest (men & women)
  • UltraLite Running Puffer Vest (men & women)
  • NiteRunnr Holographic Windbreaker (currently women only)
  • GHOST UltraLite Water Repellent Windbreaker (men & women)

Best summer suggestion?

  • UltiMate UL Windbreaker (men & women)
  • AC400 UL Windbreaker/Vest (men & women)
  • GHOST UltraLite Water Repellent Windbreaker (men & women)
  • UltraLite Running Cap
  • UltraLite Running Visor
  • Premium Combed Cotton Tees

Can I exchange an item for another size or product?

Yes, you certainly can. We offer you one free exchange if you are unhappy with the fit or size, or if you change your mind with an item.
You will just need to return the item unwashed, unworn (besides for fitting purposes) and in original state of sale. The exchanged item will then be sent back out to you free of charge once the original item has been received.


Where is my order?

Please note with major delays through the delivery service, your order could take some extra time to get to you. We suggest opting for Express Shipping at checkout if you’re looking to receive your order within the week. If you have been waiting some time for your order, please do not hesitate to contact us via sales@5amrun.com.au and we will investigate it from our end.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Typically speaking Regular post should take between 3-10 working days and Express post between 1-2 working days to arrive at your door. Due to recent delays with the delivery service, you could be waiting up to 3-5 additional working days to receive your order. Once we receive your order, we will try to have the items packed and sent out on the same day. During the busier periods we allow for an extra day handling time.

Do you do non-contact delivery?

Yes. Due to safety measures with COVID-19, the delivery service we use is strictly non-contact. If for any reason you have directions of where or how to deliver your parcel, list it under ‘Order notes’ at checkout and we will honour that request.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only market and ship out domestically and to New Zealand. However, if you are wishing to purchase something offshore we will happily accommodate that request and ship out to you with the international shipping rate.

Do you do express shipping?

Yes, you have an option for your order to ship via express at checkout. Please note: Due to recent delays with the postal service there are no guarantees that your order will be delivered to you next day.

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us directly by filling out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.