Brand Review by Laura Hill – Running writer for The Age & Sydney Morning Herald (15.08.22)

New running and fitness apparel brands seem to pop up weekly, and most of the time there’s not much differentiating one from the next. But recently one brand got my attention – 5am:RUN.

Almost every running brand makes a wind stopper or rain/water repellent jacket, but there are very few brands that specialise in technical gear that makes you unmistakably visible when running or exercising outdoors, especially at night. 

That’s the purpose driving Matt and his team at 5am:RUN. They are all about helping runners and other athletes who train in the dark stay safe and comfortable. 

The high-vis range includes several outer shell items for both men and women, with each striking a neat balance of being both technical and functional. Here’s some of my faves from the collection. 

The NiteRunnr Holographic Windbreaker is the ultimate in reflective gear. Not only is this windbreaker unmissable at night but it also protects from the rain and harsh winter elements. The premium constructed shell has a water repellent coating allowing rain to bead off the surface. It also features a knitted cotton backing to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

Coming from Melbourne, one of my favourite pieces from 5am:RUN is the Ultra Lite Running Puffer Vest. It’s perfect for early morning runs when you need a little extra warmth but don’t want your arms restricted. It’s also a great outerwear option throughout the day. The fabric is made from an extremely lightweight, premium quality polyester, and the eco-friendly polyester fill. 

The GHOST Multiseason Ultra Lite Windbreaker is everything you need in a compact windbreaker. With this minimalist design you will feel good and look great all year round, in most conditions. Its superior nylon water repellent shell allows water to effortlessly bead off the surface, helping you keep dry on your run. It also features 5am:RUN’s iconic quick adjustable toggle sewn into the seam for two-finger hood closure and a rear horizontal pocket for storage of snacks and accessories. Finally, they’ve completed this design with A.I aqua trims and glowing reflective print for visibility at night.

Whether it’s endurance running in the high country or sprint work on a frosty winters morning, the AC400 2-in-1 Windbreaker/Vest combo is the ‘All Conditions’ jacket. Carrying a jumper around our waist is now a thing of the past. Another item from the UltraLite Running Series, the accommodates to both the summer and winter months. The inbuilt UL Running Puffer Vest can be easily removed from the inside of the windbreaker, packed down into its own pocket bag and placed in the rear horizontal pocket of the windbreaker – along with snacks and essentials.